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Divide and Conquer or Collaborative Problem-Solving? Effective Mediation Techniques


Many Mediators, including myself, will think about splitting principals away from their advisors, including lawyers, in mediations that look like they will become problematic to solve. I always warn parties in the opening session that I may do this, but it never ceases to amaze me how blood pressures rise as soon as I suggest that the time has come to match up experts, lawyers and the decision makers themselves.


So why would a Mediator want to think about splitting parties up from their advisors? Whilst a cynical perspective might be that a Mediator has decided that he has concerns that the decision maker is not getting good advice or that one or more of the advisors have forgotten their role and have “entered the arena” to become part of the problem, the real reason for “matching” party attendees is often down to a more subtle consideration of the dispute and what needs to happen in order to get the parties to eventually move into problem-solving mode, to explore options, negotiate and, fingers crossed, close out an agreement. 

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