The Vinden Partnership reacts to the Autumn Statement

The Vinden Partnership says there is still major work to be done.
Peter Vinden, Managing Director of The Vinden Partnership – a leading multi-disciplinary consultant company to the built environment said: “The Chancellor confirmed the infrastructure and housing spending that we have been expecting for a few weeks now. These are positive steps but there is still major work to be done if the government is to hit its target of building one million new homes by the end of this Parliament.

“The Autumn Statement probably won’t do too much to sway those decision makers within the industry from sitting on their hands but improved infrastructure both transport and digital should help to improve regional economies and create employment.

“Such is the nature of politics that the government can’t reveal its hand too much on Brexit negotiations and we are unlikely to find out too many details until the process gets underway.  That being the case, the uncertainty that clouds the UK economy is unlikely to lift anytime soon.”